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4/3/18 - We just got home from our amazing 22-day cruise in Asia. It was a trip of a lifetime! One of our favorite things was to leave the ship in Shanghai, China and fly to see the Terra-cotta Warriors in X'ian, and then fly to Beijing to walk the Great Wall of China, then meet the ship and continue the cruise through Japan and end up in Tokyo.  We met some really great people on the cruise and hopefully we can stay in touch with them. It is amazing how much I learn from these experienced travelers. All of the studying I do about these adventures before we go doesn't give me 1/2 as much as the experience I get from being there and talking with this wonderful, experienced travelers!! 

It must have been a great trip because Augie asked me how I was going to top this one? Last year he said the same when we went on the transatlantic from Miami to South Hampton, London, then did a cruise around the Baltic capitals (St Petersburg was wonderful)! 
Will be updating photos to FLICKR when I get a change. Once it is done I will add a link!
Linda with the Terra-Cotta Warriors in X'ian!
Symphony of the Seas - November 17-23, 2018 - Group Cruise: #3977874
Ports of Call: Miami | Roatan, Honduras | Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico | Cozumel, Mexico | Nassau, Bahamas | Miami 

I still have a few 2-person cabins left on this cruise in Central Park area. There are also a few cabins scattered throughout the ship that I can still grab, but not for long. The cruise is almost sold out!!

We still have 8 cabins going. If you want to join us, let me know. 
    see details - Symphony of the Seas 2018  

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Cuba here we come!! Booked a 4-day cruise to visit Key West, Florida and Cuba overnight! We will already be at Walt Disney World, so we are just extending the trip a little. We got great tips from a couple we met in Japan who just visited Cuba, so we are ready to go!!! This is on one of Augie's bucket list, so he is excited about going! Me, I love going everywhere, but I am sure it is going to be unique! 

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Linda & Augustine DeSantis
(775) 345-6725

I had to throw this photo in because I HATE lizards and other ugly things like this and I always  say "UGH!" when I see them. While, in Cozumel at Xel Ha (loved that place), our friend's 4 year old son is holding this (it's about 40 lbs), to get his photo taken. Then, he says "Linda, it's your turn!".
p.s. I still said "UGH", but I did it! I was very proud of myself and to top it off, I had to pay the guy to have that privilege of holding it! That is what you do when you are on VACATION!
Xel Ha, Cozumel
Linda at Xel Ha, Cozumel
Animal Kingdom (Disney) - Wild Africa Trek