In 2013, I received a Social Media Certification from UNR.  During that class I learned a lot about social media and how to effectively use it. I also took Social Media classes when I updated my CLIA certification. Social media is the way to market and get your ideas and services to the public. 

I now have a f
acebook page for my travel business, and have set up a  Pinterest site where I post my research and information about trips I or a client is interested in taking. Instead of carrying around books/brochures, I can do the research and then add it to pinterest and put a link to the on-line information I want to make available. Really nice tool!

I also set up a Flickr Account. Really nice way to store photos too! I like that I can upload photos & build 'albums' and 'collections' to organize the many photos I always seem to be taking. 

Then, there's my personal facebook page where I can communicate with our friends & family.

Social media has 'bridged the gap' between our family & friends in the East. Love seeing everyone, knowing what they are doing, and seeing the how much fun they are having and how quickly the 'little ones' are growing up!  

Linda & Augustine DeSantis
CLIA Travel Agents
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WE DO NOT CHARGE FEES.. we will do quotes for you, book for you & help you with our vacation planning! We are with you from start to finish!!

http://planbookandgo.com   (Booking engine) where you can research trips yourself & call us if you need any additional information or want us to book it for you!

travel@planbookandgo.com --travel@memoriesaremadehere.com

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