Our Disney cruise line trips:
There is nothing like a Disney Cruise.
We started off cruising on the Disney Magic for a 12-day Mediterranean cruise in May 2009. It was UNBELIEVABLE. They treat you like you are the only guest on the ship. They have great food, great shows, and stop at incredible ports.  During those 12 days on the ship, we also took an Adventures by Disney tour package. There were two travel agents with us during the time on the ship, and then they were our guides at ports we visited.  I cannot say enough about the entire experience. We had special parties on the ship, and surprises and treats everywhere we went. We LOVED IT!

Disney is definitely a family type vacation, however, Disney has so many activities for children and for adults alone that couples like Augie & I can enjoy it too! 
PARENTS BEWARE! You take your children on the 1st Disney cruise, and they will keep asking to go back!! 

Disney cruises:
October 2009 - 12-day Mediterranean Cruise (rode a camel in Tunisia)
October, 2011 - Mexican Riviera on the Disney Wonder

October, 2011 - Western Bahama cruise on the Disney Fantasy (loved that Aqua Duck)..May 2012 - Pacific Coast repositioning cruise on the Disney Wonder
August, 2013 - Disney Alaskan Cruise
Still trying to book a "Member's cruise",
but always seem to get wait-listed. 

Do we like disney cruising? Absolutely. 
Do we only cruise on Disney? No

In 2011, we had the opportunity to cruise with Norwegian cruise lines. We liked it too, even MORE than Disney.  I  love that they sailed out of the Port of New Orleans, and the ports they visited were absolutely great!

Would I go again?
Absolutely.  In fact, it is now my favorite cruise line 

One comment!
The people, food, entertainment were great on both cruise lines, but the rooms are definitely bigger on the Disney ships. However, the prices on Disney are extremely expensive. 

Big Difference, is Disney is organized and rigid. You eat dinner every night at the same time, rotate through 3 different restaurants, have the same wait staff..

Norwegian- is FREE STYLE. You eat, whenever and where ever you want to eat at.     What ever your preference.. both cruise lines are nice! 

We are planning on branching out to other cruise lines soon. I am studying right now & trying to see what they have to offer. Probably Princess, then Cunard, then Holland American. 

I keep dreaming about Regent. There is a 21 day-Barcelona to Dubai that I keep watching. it would definitely be a wonderful "retirement cruise" when I am ready to retire! I can dream?? 

Then there's China. I have booked and cancelled that trip 3 times. Maybe 4 times is the charm!

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