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We love to travel & there is nothing like having experienced travel agents to help you set up a trip of a lifetime!  We are certified with many cruise lines and resorts, are Disney Travel agents and members of Disney, and have seen a lot of places first-hand, which makes it much easier for us to recommend the right thing for you! If we don't know it, we know how to research it to find out!!  If you book a group cruise, we will try to join you so we can coordinate your adventures! 
Here are some adventures we have and are planning on having in the future!!! Why not join us? 

Several years ago we switched to Cruising, but before that we took several other wonderful land tours by Perillo (Italy), Trafalgar, and Globus. They are absolutely wonderful too. The difference is you tour by bus, not by ship, but it does get you closer to the places you want to visit. On a ship, they can dock at a port and then it might take you several hours to get to where you want to go! However, on a ship you only have to pack & unpack once and food is food and entertainment is readily available. We like both Land and Cruising options, but we enjoy more FREE time when we cruise to squeeze in a SPA day, or a great show, or 5* restaurant that are just a few steps away!!
Newest ship: Norwegian VIVA .. check it out!
ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEWEST NORWEGIAN SHIPS? You should be.. the one thing I learned is BOOK EARLY.. I have saved a TON of $$ by doing that! A simple deposit will hold your cruises, & before your final payment date I check the prices often & if they go down, I make sure your cruise total is reduced!! 

There are so many amazing new features on this ship; Ocean Boulevard where you cn take a 360degree seaside stroll along the breathtaking Ocean Boulevard and discover experiences beyond your expectations. There is Infinity Beach, outdoor bar, Ocean walk, Outside dining, observation lounge. There is also a spa with a charcoal Sauna, salt room, vitality pool & floatation salt pool, plus a forward facing fitness center. Want to have a little fun? try "the Drop", and VIVA Speedway,  and Tee Up for some golf! You can even try your luck at the Casino!

Viva sails in 2023, so book now & then you can even make payments so by the final payment date, you are all paid & ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime!!  Visit Norwegian VIVA
Oasis: Back of the ship-balconies inside the ship - watch the Dive show from your balcony!
6/19/22 - We are ready for the next cruise on the OASIS of the SEAs sailing out of Port Liberty, New Jersey. Going on the trip with 4 other special individuals and I know we will have fun! Might stop at our timeshare in NYC before the cruise, who knows? 

This is the 2nd time we are going on the OASIS. It is the 1st of the OASIS class of ships, and WONDER of the SEAs that we went on in April 2022, was the newest and biggest so far!! It is definitely why I always say "It isn't just the destination, but the Journey!" These ships are floating resorts and sometimes I don't even want to get off at the ports.  The Oasis has 7 distinct neighborhoods, 25 dining options, multiple bars & lounges, 4 pools, 10 whirlpools, 2 Flow Riders surf simulators, 2 Rock Climbing Walls, Zipline, Ice Skating Rink, Basketball Court, a Casino, and Full service Vitality at Sea Spa & state of the art fitness center!  

The Oasis has the Balcony rooms over the Boardwalk (where Johnny Rocket & a Carousel, Rock climbing wall, and the Aqua Marina outdoor seating for the High Dive show) Guests who stay in the Balcony rooms in Boardwalk can watch the shows right from their balcony!  They also have balconies over Central Park (where all of the restaurants are). Central Park is a lot quieter and very pretty and it does resemble NYC!  When we 1st sailed on the OASIS, a few birds had made Central Park their permanent home! 

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Guess where we are going after that? It is a 5-day cruise on the Disney WISH! I cannot wait. It has been a while since we have been on a Disney cruise.

Want to join us? There is a cabin on the Disney Wish JUST FOR YOU!! 
Disney WISH
4/22/22 - We finally got back to cruising. On 4/1/22 Augie & I went on the new Royal Caribbean WONDERS of the SEAS. That was a perfect name for that ship. It is the newest of the Oasis class, and it is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. It was bigger and wider & more beautiful, if that was even possible. It was so great getting back on a cruise ship. I love traveling, and cruising is one of the things I enjoy.   View Wonders of the Seas and trust me, the photos do not do it justice. The solarium was amazing, with a beautiful complimentary buffet where they catered to your every wish, you can lounge in the many pools, have a drink. It was the ultimate place to relax and enjoy your vacation! 
Wonders of the Seas - "A Resort at Sea" simply amazing!
Top deck of the Wonders of the Seas - Talk about an adventure!!
RC WONDER next to another RC ship -the WONDER is huge1
Linda outside of the Solarium Bistro- great complimentary restaurant looking out at the Solarium
BACK to BACK cruises can be AMAZING -  We flew to Singapore (which is an absolutely goregous place), then sailed from there through Asia, ending up at in Japan with a stop-over and visit to Disney Seas. We were gone for 23 days, and want a journey it was!
This was one of the best trips we took. We flew to Singapore, then got on the Norwegian JADE and took a back-to-back cruise. First stop was Ko Samui, Thailand where we went to an Elephant farm, toured a coconut farm and had an amazing day! then we went to  Hanoi (took a boat and sailed all along the huge rocks, then went to an underground cave, then to Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Da Nang (very old and beautiful), then to Hong Kong (loved Hong Kong),. 2nd leg of trip went to then we sailed to Shanghai where we departed for a 3-day tour to see the Xian Warriors (below), then Beijing where Augie & I climbed the WALL. It was AMAZING, then we met the ship back in Beijing and continued our journey to Japan. It took us 7 days to get to Japan and stopped at the most gorgeous places including Mt Fuji. We then departed the ship & stayed in a hotel for 2 days. It was a partner with Disney, so we went to Disney by the SEAS for the day! It was unbelievable. The best Disney park I ever visited. Cannot wait to go back. We have a 10-year visa o I plan on using it!!   
Ladies in the Park practicing with their fans!
4/18/18 Linda with the Terra-Cotta Warriors in X'ian! NO, I was not standing amongst the real warriors!
Tbe Great Wall of China-Augie & I climbed it, REALLY AWESOME!
Had an amazing Adventure's by Disney trip to Costa Rica- You really cannot beat Disney with anything they do! They are expensive but it was an all inclusive trip with two tour guides that were with us the entire time. Cannot say enough about Adventures by Disney! Two tour guides with you all the way! Every day there is another great place to see. They are expensive so I can't do them all of the time, but they are truly worth every penny! Disney definitely sets the BAR on how to do it right. Why don't you try an Adventure?
Ziplining with my Augie in Costa Rica
I had to throw this photo in because I HATE lizards and other ugly things like this and I always  say "UGH!" when I see them. While, in Cozumel at Xel Ha (loved that place), our friend's 4 year old son is holding this (it's about 40 lbs), to get his photo taken. Then, he says "Linda, it's your turn!".
p.s. I still said "UGH", but I did it! I was very proud of myself and to top it off, I had to pay the guy to have that privilege of holding it! That is what you do when you are on VACATION!
Xel Ha, Cozumel
Linda at Xel Ha, Cozumel
Wonderful time on the Wild African Trek at Disney World's Animal Kingdom. We went on a safari, walked on a shaky rope bridge, hung over crocodiles, and had lunch out of a canteen in the middle of the 'jungle'. Lots of fun! Two tour guides were with us at all times and they took photographs wherever we went .  Click on our FLICKR album for more!

If you want more information about about anything Disney, Augie & I have been a Disney travel agent for many years! Let us help you make a magical vacation in one of the many Disney resorts around the world!! 
Animal Kingdom (Disney) - Wild Africa Trek
Disney Fantasy INAUGURAL CRUISE - beautiful cruise, ship was nice but design was a little off, did not like the layout but the ship & the restaurants were amazing!  They have a pirate night and it is so much fun! Mickey comes swinging onto the stage on a rope and it was really. Everyone was eating huge Turkey legs, and everyone has enjoying the party!

Disney is definitely a 'class act' and they set the bar for other cruise lines!
MONSTERS OF ROCK Cruise - really fun, great ship, great music, really enjoyed it!
MONSTERS of ROCK Cruises - WOW, my friend Suzie had talked me into to going on this with her an I am glad she did! WHAT A CRUISE! NON-STOP music, great bands, fun loving ROCKERS were there to enjoy the cruise. I would recommend it to anyone who like music. Haven't had a chance to get back on another one, but they happen EVERY YEARS - this year it is ALICE COOPER headlining!  Check it out
Monsters of Rock Cruise - Great time - Special cruise!
Suzie & I - What a great time we had-got back 1 week before COVID-19 stopped everything!
So much fun - Linda, Tracy, Jace & Anthony played Laser tag against the Mayan Guards in Mexico! 
Just call me "Mama Rambo!! LOL!
Disney's Aulani
Let's talk about Disney's AULANI in Ko'Olina, Hawaii. What a gorgeous place to spend a vacation! 
Augie & I were luck enough to go when it first opened! It is amazingly beautiful with so many things you can do! This is a perfect place to spend some time with your family. It is a DISNEY RESORT and believe me it is beautiful! 
Disney's Aulani Resort
Linda, Mickey, Augie in Aulani, Ko 'Olina, Hawaii
Other wonderful cruises we have enjoyed over the years with friends & family! There are so many places to see, and shore excursions to take to see WONDERS you only heard & dreamt about! Our experiences have been eye-opening! Labadee, Haiti (who thought that would be fun), well it was, we ziplined, parasailed, and even went on the Dragon roller coaster.  IN the Bahamas, we visited Atlantis and rented a fishing boat for the day (we didn't catch any fish but it was really fun), in Bermuda we went on the Jamican Bobsled & did a crazy zipline there too!  In Cancun, we went to XheHa and floated on the lazy river, and in Riveria Maya we went to the RioSecreto (where we toured caves and swam and had an amazing time). 
Floating without a care in SheHa, Mexico- Loved it there!
Labadee, Haiti - pretty cool place-I ziplined & Parasailed
TRANSATLANTIC CRUISES ARE ALSO WONDERFUL IF YOU HAVE TIME TO DO THEM! They are less expensive and provide you with an amazing time to enjoy the JOURNEY! It means you don't have to fly to Europe or other places, like Hawaii, etc. In 2019, we took my  favorite trip so far was from Rome, Italy to Dubai. It was a 19 day cruise, and it started in Rome. Norwegian flew us to Rome, Italy and we were able to book 2 nights in a hotel with them and had time to explore Rome (one of our favorite places and have been there several times). 
Then, we got on the Norwegian Jade for a 19 day journey to Dubai. We stopped at Athens, 
ATLANTIS in DUBAI - gorgeous and very elaborate -- Visited for a photo but next time I want to stay and enjoy this gorgeous place
Dubai Atlantis
ATLANTIS in the Bahamas -- loved it! 
Augie & I at Atantis, Bahamas - What a fabulous resort & time we had!!
Linda sitting on the porch at the Beachcomer hotel in Oahu!
Midget wrestling in Reno, Nevada - Lots of fun!!
Dress up night with our favorite guys!
I enjoy myself in Reno too!!
Halloween pumpkin painting w/Cathy